Commercial Attestation Services in Ahmedabad

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All commercial certificates have to be pre authenticated first from chamber of commerce. Usually chamber of commerce certificate attestation is done by respective states itself. After the chamber attestation, the required Embassy Attestation is carried out.


A pro-forma invoice is an invoice sent to the buyer before the shipment, giving the buyer a chance to review the sale terms (quantity of goods, value, specifications) and get an import license, if required in their country.

Bill Of Landing

A Bill of Lading is issued by the carrier to the shipper for receipt of the goods, and is a contract between the owner of the goods and the carrier to deliver the goods.

Free Sale Certificate

This form may be required by the importing country to ensure that the goods offered for entry comply with domestic requirements for sale in the U.S.It is often required for agricultural.

Health Certificate

Primarily a document required to import goods into the U.S., confirming compliance with phytosanitary safety regarding agricultural and animal health standards.

Packing List

A packing list is prepared by the shipper and is a detailed break down of the items within a shipment. It may also include any “special marks” for identification. For example, the customer may want “ABC XX” in blue letters on the side of the packaging.